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Our dedicated training site at North Yorkshire Off Road Centre is the perfect place to learn the techniques required for safe off road driving.

Choose from the following tuition sessions and courses, or contact us if you require training tailoring to your exact needs.


We are still accepting bookings for dates later in the year, and Gift Vouchers are still on sale which can be redeemed by the recipient at a later date.

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Recreational Off Road Tuition
at North Yorkshire Off Road Centre, Robin Hood's Bay
Take to the controls of our Land Rover Defender 110 for a half day session, as your instructor guides you over obstacles including steep hills, deep water, side slopes, slippery mud, and rough rocks, all the time learning the techniques required to safely tackle this tricky terrain.  Perfect for recreational off roaders, or those who have just bought or are about to buy their own 4x4.  Click here for more details or to book your session or order a gift voucher.
'Tuition & Tour' Experience
a morning of tuition plus an afternoon tour of the trails
You'll spend the morning at our dedicated training site at Robin Hood's Bay, learning how to handle our Land Rover in various off road situations.  At lunchtime we'll take a break before spending the afternoon on the tracks and trails of the North York Moors National Park, putting into practice everything you've learned.  Click here for more details or to book your day or order a gift voucher.
Terrain Response Training Course
Full day 1:1 session with instructor in our Land Rover Discovery 4
Land Rover's Terrain Response system is a complex collection of technologies to enhance the off road ability of you and your vehicle, and was fitted to most modern Land Rovers (except Defender) from 2005 onwards.  People often incorrectly assume this means the vehicle 'does it all for you', but in fact it's more important than ever to have a full understanding of what these systems are doing, and how to set them up to work in the best way possible for the type of obstacle/terrain you are tackling.  Our full day training course will give you an in depth understanding of which systems can be influenced by the driver, and how you can fine tune the vehicle to give you the best possible help whilst driving off road.  Click here for more details, and to book your own Terrain Response Training Course.
Vehicle Familiarisation Course
3 hour 1:1 session with instructor in your own SUV/4x4
Have you recently purchased an SUV or 4x4 vehicle?  These vehicles have many subtle differences from a standard 2 wheel drive car.  Modern SUV/4x4's also often have advanced technical systems to help you when on difficult terrain, or in wintry conditions.  We provide a 1:1 session with an instructor, in your own vehicle, to help you get to grips with the techniques required to stay safe in your vehicle.  We have a huge variety of terrain and obstacles, allowing us to concentrate just on the type of terrain that is relevant for you and your particular vehicle.  Click here for more details, and to book your own Vehicle Familiarisation Course.
Skills Training Days for Land Rover Owners
group training at North Yorkshire Off Road Centre, Robin Hood's Bay
On scheduled dates throughout the year, we run Skills Training Days for small groups of Land Rover owners.  We'll work through a variety of off road terrain and obstacles, with our vehicle demonstrating each obstacle before we start.  Instructors will be on hand to guide you within a small group, and there'll be time for up to 2 drivers per vehicle to learn the safe and effective techniques required to tackle the various terrain.  Click here for more details, and to see the next scheduled dates for Skills Training.
Professional Off Road Training
at North Yorkshire Off Road Centre, Robin Hood's Bay
If you use your 4x4 for work, or if you're planning a long expedition, you really want to make sure you understand how your 4x4 works, and how to stay safe whilst driving it.  On our professional courses you will learn how 4 wheel drive systems work, as well as how to safely navigate a variety of terrain and obstacles, all the time focusing on reading the ground and assessing and minimising risk.  Click here for more details, or contact us to discuss your training requirements.